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Why It's Best Not to Rake Fallen Leaves in Autumn or Why its ecological to be lazy!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

autumn woodlands

Autumn is a time of natural beauty, especially here at Emlyns Coppice Woodland Glamping, as trees shed their leaves, painting the world in vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow. Alright this may sound like an excuse, but as tempting as it may be to collect and dispose of the fallen leaves, it is crucial to recognize the ecological significance that lies beneath these seemingly lifeless remnants. Rather than hastily removing them, it really is in our best interest to respect and value the contribution that nature's leafy debris offers. By leaving fallen leaves undisturbed, we not only contribute to the health of our ecosystem but also create a nurturing environment for countless organisms.

Want to know why it's not just an excuse? Here are several compelling reasons why it is best to refrain from taking fallen leaves in autumn.

Woodland path, romantic glamping, wales
The woodland path to the glampsite

1. Nutrient Cycling:

Fallen leaves are a valuable resource for the ecosystem, serving as a crucial component in the natural cycle of nutrients. When leaves decompose, essential minerals and nutrients are released back into the soil, nourishing and enriching it. By allowing this organic process to occur naturally, we ensure that the soil remains fertile, promoting the growth of plants, trees, and other vegetation. Furthermore, this recycling of nutrients also aids in maintaining a sustainable balance within ecosystems, supporting the intricate web of life that relies on these resources. The diversity of flora and fauna at the Coppice has increased ten-fold since we first took on our little corner of North Wales.

woodlands, wales, glamping break
A woodland path leading from the glampsite

2. Habitat and Biodiversity:

Leaves play a vital role in providing habitats for a multitude of living organisms. As leaves accumulate on the ground, they create a protective layer, shielding the soil from harsh weather conditions and extreme temperature fluctuations. This layer acts as a haven for insects, earthworms, fungi, and microorganisms, fostering a diverse and thriving ecosystem beneath our feet. These organisms are essential for decomposing organic matter, breaking down dead plants and animals, and recycling nutrients back into the environment. By allowing fallen leaves to remain undisturbed, we are effectively preserving this vital habitat and enriching biodiversity in our surroundings.

3. Moisture Retention and Soil Health:

The carpet of fallen leaves acts as a natural mulch, aiding in moisture retention and protecting the soil from erosion. By reducing soil erosion, the leaf layer helps maintain the integrity of the landscape, preventing loss of valuable topsoil and preserving the delicate balance of nutrients. Additionally, this layer shields the soil from the sun's direct rays (not that we've seen an awful lot of that recently) reducing evaporation and maintaining moisture levels critical for the survival of plants. By leaving the fallen leaves intact, we contribute to the overall health and fertility of our soil, ensuring sustainable growth and vitality in our environment.

Woodlands, glamping, wales, nighttime
The moon above the coppice

When autumn arrives, we're presented with an opportunity to adopt a far more environmentally conscious approach by not raking fallen leaves. The environmental benefits are too remarkable to ignore. By embracing the natural cycle of nutrient cycling, we promote soil health and maintain a robust ecosystem. The preservation of habitats and biodiversity ensures the survival of numerous organisms that are crucial for the overall health of our environment. We can all contribute to the well-being of our surroundings while fostering a sustainable and flourishing environment for generations to come. So when you're sat relaxing in your hot tub whilst glamping with us, and you look around at the gentle undulation of leaves on the floor, just revel in the beauty and ecological importance of fallen leaves.

Aside from being a small independent business, Emlyn's Coppice Woodland Glamping was always going to be a way to help finance the management of our small slice of ancient woodland as well, making sure that people to have the chance to enjoy natural Wales for generations to come.

Wales Glamping pod, woodland, hot tubs
A woodland glamping pod

You can still book an autumn or winter hot tub glamping break at Emlyn's Coppice by visiting and enjoy forest bathing for yourself. We're open right through till early January, and then from 10th February 2024 onwards.


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